I was indexed in Google Search since the beginning

I should have realized my blog is indexed to Google Search I forgot to hide from Google Search, people seemingly now how to spoil Carver and probably knows where he lives then also Tumblr users will be posting less negative things on here and I didn’t gain followers because of my writing they’ll now start noticing how bad is the blog when the owner of the blog does a thing incorrectly I’m not here to be active everyday that’s why I don’t want to index my blog to Google Search I feel exposed I’m still ashamed of myself from not realizing my blog was indexed to Google Search all along.

Tumblr is repeating the same Tos

I knew about this since 2013 before Yahoo acquired Tumblr but this one is more ridiculous but the rest of info is still the same I don’t see a lot of parents buying PlayStation 4 because of their low income kids don’t need to get any books to learn more words they can use a thesaurus instead to access the Internet I won’t have a problem If the terms of service say try thesaurus books but any books would not appeal to all kids do you Yahoo idiots fucking know playing video games or consoles makes kids old fashion? It’s considered old fashion to non children I’ve seen elders carrying some electronic gadgets in public because they want to be modern forever I could be forever modern If I somewhat electronic gadgets and Internet accounts it is my own decision you people need to get it right about kids being modern in a proper way kids wouldn’t be asking their parents to register accounts by themselves without being underage. 

The man from Goodwill works at Kroger that he is intoxicated trying to help Carver’s parents out but he was trying to scam them to get money for his turkey table

Yesterday night, Carver’s mom was been approached by that man she recognized from goodwill store who works there named Bobby he asks what they want to get Carver’s mom answered his question to get a used Christmas tree Bobby calls out Steve for the used Christmas tree he has at home then he offers to get turkey in order to come in his house he gives him a gift card it might do something bad and Bobby told Steve the tree costs 30 dollars for nice looking used Christmas tree. Bobby told Carver’s mother to put the shoes back for Steve to save money and Bobby offers to fix Steve’s ruff he told Steve and Carver’s mom that he works at two places Goodwill and Kroger, Steve gave his phone number to Bobby that Bobby is wanting the home phone number so he can inform him to fix Steve’s ruff but the problem what could happen to Steve he would get a lot of unnecessary phone calls to waste his time and If he overspends with the used Christmas tree and ruff he can’t afford the gifts. Bobby said he would come before 9:00 probably to fix and he needs money for selling the Christmas tree at Goodwill and paying the thing for Steve’s ruff because him and his wife are poor, Steve probably gave his street he lives also the gift card that he give to Steve was Walmart Gift card because Bobby doesn’t shop at Walmart also Steve is worried about If Bobby comes over when Steve is not here Bobby will hit/fight Carver’s mother when he comes to fix Steve’s ruff. If Steve was scammed Carver would not able to get the big things like Windows 8 Laptop and Google Moto X on his Christmas list he would get small things toys and video games, Carver also wanted to get a new digital camera which is HD but Steve can’t afford him to buy three big things he can only get three.

Sunday, December 22

Bobby decided he won’t come over to Steve’s house to fix his ruff because Carver’s mother wasn’t here on time to get the newest Christmas tree that is used I’m glad its not happening but one problem is Carver probably have no Christmas tree or gifts for Christmas day.


I can’t believe Carver’s mother encountered a fucking scammer I mean Carver’s mother needs to stop coming to Goodwill outlet store which is a dangerous place to shop where all the bad company work she needs to go back shopping to the regular Goodwill store so she won’t encounter these kind of people again but that won’t make a difference because Bobby would still shop at Kroger because its the place where pricks and beggars for money shop or hang out over there Carver shouldn’t get bad luck all the time because its damn ridiculous it makes think someone who doesn’t have superpowers said a prayer about Carver and his parents needs back for a whole life I think the left behind Jerome thing caused Carver’s parents to have bad luck in Christmas season I heard Carver’s mom was supposed to have a round trip along with her son before winter break but she was waiting for Steve to have vacation so nothing bad will happen when Steve is around alone December 18th would be a perfect time for Carver and his mom to get out to the bigger city on a different state to spend Christmas with the other man so Carver would get a lot of big things and also Carver and his mother won’t have drama of buying a Christmas tree and some Christmas gifts If Carver’s mother doesn’t have round trip money then this year would be all stay-cation.

I was traveling the galaxy in the other day to earth

I’m from Aastera the medium earth alike planet I sort of missed the stuff what happened in the Internet because it took me two weeks to get to earth from my planet and while we were heading to earth it was too late Carver led his step dad to not able to watch If they overspend on products from Neighborhood Walmart I couldn’t make it to help Carver keep in eye on the total amount thing and telling one of the products cost so Carver can tell his step dad to take off an item which that is expansive so stuff can go smooth. But guess what? Carver and his mother won’t have much as a Christmas and I was thinking they would not able to go a round trip in this upcoming winter break now its winter break for Carver, they’ve spend Christmas too much with his step dad because he makes Christmas lousy and depressing on every year he is non stop with those times I was looking forward for Carver and his mother to go on a round trip during a few days before Christmas in Winter Break because they never open presents during the round trip and I was supposed to help Carver with resolving his flaws and helping him to make better choices at school because whenever angels helping him to make better choices for Carver their solutions never worked for Carver in senior high school they’re dumb also I want to help him to get math answers correctly because he often gets math answer wrong when he was in his first year at high school I would whisper to Carver’s ear so other students won’t get the math answers correctly in order to get math answers correctly quickly so he would get a good report for math.